Regular Season Rules


         CCA competition rules in effect.  Four rock rule is in effect.

         All games are 8 ends, with an extra end to be played until the tie is broken.  No ties.

         All games must be played on the designated date.  No make-up games.  Under extenuating circumstances, games maybe played in advance, with permission from the Board.

         Round 1 will consist of 8 games.

         Two points for a win.  Zero points for a loss.  Minus 2 points for a no-show.

         After the 8th game, each team must participate in a Shootout to determine placing for Round 2 and the Playoffs.  See Shootout Rules below.

         Round 2 will consist of 2 divisions of 9 teams each (A, B).  Points will be reset to zero in Round 2.  All teams will play an 8 game round robin within the division.  The first place team in each division (Round 2) will be declared the divisional champion (awards).  In the case of a tie, the team with the best record in head-to-head match-ups between the tied teams will be rank higher than the other ones.  If still tied, the team with the higher shootout points will be ranked higher than the other ones.   

         Substitution rules:  A maximum of two spares from within the Super League are allowed and they must play the lowest possible position.  Unlimited substitutions from outside the Super League are allowed and the substitute(s) may play any position.

         TV Games:  All teams must wear matching jackets with the Super League crest on the left sleeve.  Teams must agree to wear microphones and agree to do pre-game or post game interviews, win or lose.  Bumpers must be kept on the ice at all times.  Bag equipment should be stored away from camera view.


Playoff Rules


         16 teams will qualify for the playoffs.

         Playoffs will consist of 2 Events of 8 teams each (A, B).

         The team with the higher rank will be awarded hammer in the first end.

         Single elimination format.

         No monies will be awarded for qualifying for the quarter-finals.




Shootout Rules

  • At the end of each Roundís final game, each team will be required to participate in a shootout to determine rankings for the next round or the playoffs.  The rules will be as follows:

Each player from the team will be required to throw 1 rock with sweeping to the rings.  No sweeping of opposition rocks.

The team will be awarded points in the following manner:

1 point touching 12 foot ring

2 points touching 8 foot ring

3 points touching 4 foot ring

4 points touching button

5 points covering the pin

  • The total for the team will be recorded on the scoresheet.
  • If a team is short 1 player the person who threw lead this game will throw 2 rocks.
  • All teams and players must take part even if a team is eliminated from the playoffs.
  • Teams tied in the standings will be broken by best record in head-to-head match-ups between the teams and then by shootout points, in that order.





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